Postal Services Group

Postal Service Group v8.1

This mod is a postal services mod. It contains trailers, truck skins, and AI combos.

For full list of what this mod changes please see this page.

Their are currently 33 trailers included in the mod and 7 in the defunct pack.
All trailers are based on SCS models with personal edits by me.

Main Pack

APC,, DHL, DHL Fridge, DPD, DX, FedEx, Hermes, Interlink, Parcel Force, Royal Mail, UKMail, UPS (now White), Yodel, Yodel Direct, Whistl (orange), and Whistl (white), Chronopost, 3 La Poste trailers, Latvijan Post, Russian Post, Finnish Post, Omniva, and Venipak.

Added in version 8: Bulgaria Post, Portugal Post (CTT Correios), Spanish Post (Correos), Turkish post (PTT Kargo), Posta Romana. – Obviously the Spanish/Portuguese AI traffic will not work until Iberia DLC is released.


Defunct Pack v9.0

City Link, DPD, Lynx Express, White Arrow, TNT (post UK), and 2 UKMail skins.

DPD is included as it is the old pre-2016 livery. TNT Post UK no longer exists and is now Whistl. Although the dutch company that bought the name still uses TNT it is not the same TNT Post UK that became Whistl. Hence its inclusion here. UKMail is now in the defunct pack since they have rebranded to DHL Parcel UK.


10 thoughts on “Postal Services Group”

  1. Hey mate, i finally found the perfect trailer pack but it dont work 😦 Most of the trailers are just plain white any ideas? tried new saves and sleeping 4 days still no luck. Only one that works is DeliveRED.

  2. Oooow you have missed three of my ex-night trunking companies…

    Am-TraK Don’t think spelling is right but it has been a hell of a lot of past moons… lol.
    Target Before CityLink killing
    Tuffnells Still on the go

    Or would you be classing these as parcel and not letter post.

    Regards Shaun

    1. Edit: I can confirm these mods are no longer compatible with game version 1.25.

      My log is error free. Try re-downloading the mod to see if it was a corrupted file.

      It’s possible that the mod is no longer compatible with 1.25 as there were some changes in mat files.

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