B2scs to BT – When things go wrong

For some models, when importing mods previously made in B2SCS, you will find you get errors when importing into BlenderTools.

Mods that will nearly always cause issues are truck mods based on the Mercedes Actros (MP4), Iveco Hi-Way, DAF E6, Volvo2012, and any of the ATS trucks. The reason for this is because these trucks were all based on a new system that uses 3 UVMaps where older models only used 2 maps.

B2SCS was never set up to properly deal with 3 UVmaps, so when converting with PIX and into BT, you will run into issues where the PIT file won’t be imported which will drop all of your materials/textures.

The following tutorial will walk you through a quick-ish process to fix the materials without too much effort.

If the embedded video fails to load click here.

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