Company & Trailers

Skinning Trailers and editing the company files.

Things you will need to skin the trailers and logos. A dds converter and a paint program.

I personally use Photoshop CS6 with the DDS plugin from NVIDIA.

If you don’t have Photoshop, there are many other free paint programs out there but I would suggest using one that can use layers and alpha channels. If you can’t find a DDS plugin for the software you can use DXTBmp to convert to and from .dds format. When using DXTBmp open the dds file by dragging it into the program, click file>save as and save as a TARGA with Alpha. While the alpha channels aren’t important for the trailers, they are important for the company logo. After editing and saving your TGA, drag the TGA file into DXTBmp save as DDS.

For the rest of the tutorial I will be giving instructions based on Photoshop CS6.

Editing the Name and Cargo.

The first thing we need to do is create the apropriate folders. Open up your ‘Mods’ folder that we made for the previous tutorial. Create the following folders trees. (Kaarfor & Sellplan do not require the vehicle/trailer_eu/company folders as they have no outgoing cargo and thus have no trailers)





Now open up your ‘base2’ folder an navigate into def/company and find the company you wish to edit. For this tutorial I am going to use the company ‘Stokes’.

Right click on the file, copy it and paste it into the mods/def/company folder you just created and open the copied file in notepad++. In the line

name: “Stokes”

Change this to the name you wish the company to be called. The name will appear anywhere in the game where the company name will normally be shown in text. For example the Route Advisor job details under F6. Do not rename the .sii file. This must retain the original name or the game won’t recognise it.

Designing your trailers.

Navigate to company folder in your ‘base2’ folder at ‘base2/vehicle/trailer_eu/company’ and find the ‘stokes.dss’ file. Copy and paste this in the ‘mods/vehicle/trailer_eu/company’ folder. Drag the copied .dds file into photoshop to open it – Photoshop will ask you how to open it, you want to select default sizes and have the two tick boxes at the bottom unticked – and you will see something like this:

This file is what will skin every trailer for the company that can hold a skin. The reefers, curtainsiders and tankers all share this file. So editing the back of the trailer can be anoying when they also have tankers. Here’s what each bit does:

Design your trailer as you wish and once you are happy save the file as a .dds make sure it has the right name (in this case Photoshop will then bring up the NVIDIA dialog box, select DXT3 – Explicit Alpha and make sure generate mips is highlighted then click save. These are the setting you will want to have the NVIDIA default to.

At this point I would suggest you also save it as a PSD to the desktop so that all your layers are saved should you need to come back and edit anything later on.

Company Logo (Except Kaarfor & Sellplan, see below)

The company logo is the one that one that you can see on the buildings and is one of the quickest and easiest things to mod. To modify this file navigate to the ‘material/logo’ folder in ‘base2’ find the file. As always copy/paste it over to the same place in the ‘mods’ folder then open in Photoshop.

This part is fairly straight forward. Simply paint the background what ever colour you wish and put the name/logo of the company on top. Save it as a .dds and that’s done.

Company Logo (Small)

The small logo is the one that you will see on the Route Advisor when in a city, on the Map and the logo name on the job screen. This one is a little trickier, partly because of the use of alpha layers, and partly because of the size.

As always find the appropriate dds file in the ‘base2’ material/ui/company/small folder and copy paste it to the same location in the ‘mods’ folder then open in photoshop.

Paint the background a greyish colour (this won’t be shown in the game, so there is no reason to use fancy colours on the background) and put in the logo/text as a new layer. Make sure there is plenty of room as we need to add a stroke. If you have used any blending options on your logo or text you should rasterise the layer at this point. If you have used more than one layer you should merge those into one (do not merge with the background.)

Once done open up the blending options and click stroke. Set the opacity to 100, the colour to white and the size to about 3 or higher and then rasterise the layer again.

Click on the magic wand and set it to max then click on your logo. The selected area should include all the white stroke and the rest of the logo. Select the brush tool and paint over the logo in white, ctrl+c to copy, then undo the last action in the history so you can see the logo properly. Now switch to the channels tab and click on the alpha layer (make sure RGB turns off). If you need to press ctrl+d to deselect any selected area. Pick the brush tool and make sure the background is completely black, then press ctrl+v to paste. Click on RGB (you want both RGB & Alpha to be shown now) and line up the alpha layer you jsut pasted with the RGB layer. Once done turn off the alpha layer and save your dds.

Depiciton of what you should see: selecting the later, whiting it out, undoing last action, selecting the alpha, pasting + repositioning and final image with alpha off.

Kaarfor & Sellplan Logo

These two logos appear on the side of the walls of the buildings, rather than on the billboards. As a result they need to use alpha layers like the small company logos above. When opening the dds file ‘material/logo’ folder you will notice it is much larger than the other companies. Do not use all the space however or the top/bottom may be cut off on the building in game.

Create your logo and rasterise the layer and as with the small logos, merge any layers together except the background. Unlike the small logo, we do not need to use the stroke option. But you do need to copy the logo for the alpha layer as we did before, this is to allow the logo to be visible properly in game. Without the alpha layer the logo will be partially see-through or invisible in places and will look terrible. Once done save the file.

Video example:


The only thing left to do is archive our files and place them in the game’s mod folder. As in the previous tutorial, navigate back to the ‘Mods’ folder and highlight all three folders ‘def/material/vehicle’, right click and select ‘add to archive…’ if you saved the profile last time, you can click on the profile button and select ‘SCS’ – give the archive an appropriate name like “My Company Mod” and move it to the game’s mod folder, load the game, load the mod and check it out.

As you create multiple company mods, you can unzip the scs file and place all the new files in the appropriate folders and archive them into one .scs file rather than having multiple company .scs files in your mod folder. That is up to you.

4 thoughts on “Company & Trailers”

  1. Hi just found this site, what an extremely helpful place, thankyou your tuts are A+.
    As for the part of the skin in green apparently nothing, if ETS2 is the same trailer skin layout as ETS1 then im 60% sure that part is the top (if trailer has one).
    Thanks again & im off to look around the site some more 🙂

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