Making Templates From UVmaps

This written tutorial is intended to be use alongside the video. Some steps may be skipped in the written part if I feel the video gives enough information.

Required Tools

Blender with 50keda’s Blender2SCS plugin. (Legacy)
Blender Tools & PIX Converter (current)

A good paint program, preferably one that allows layers. I use Photoshop, but GIMP and are both good free alternatives.

Legacy (B2scs) vs Blender Tools

Rather than remake the tutorial for Blender Tools I will just say that the process for making the template is exactly the same. The only difference is the import method and that is covered in the quick import/export video.


Creating the Template

First of all we need to decide how big we want our template. I tend to use 2048 x 2048, but you may prefer to use something larger. Open up your paint program and create a new document with the size you wish to use for your template, make sure it has a white background then save the file as a png. The file name isn’t important.

Once done we can open blender. (I’m assuming you’re already familiar with Blender and the B2SCS plugin and you already have every thing set up.)

Navigate to the truck pmd file and open it. For the tutorial I used the old daf.

Once the truck opens, use the right navigation to find each appropriate part. For cab A I am highlighting cab a: model 1.3 and clicking on the right most triangle. As you can see from the video the mesh appears over the cab. Left click on the main window and press “A” to select all. The mesh should turn orange. Now click on the view selector at the top and change it to UV Editing. You will now see the UV Map on the left and the Model on the right.

On the bottom bar you want to select UVMap.001 (please note: if you are attempting to make a template from a mod truck, the UVmap numbers may vary.)

Then click on the image select button and find the png we made earlier. Your template should now be using this image and well automatically fit the template map to fit the file size.

Click on UVs and select export UV. Give it a name and save.

Repeat this process for all parts, including any accessories/sideskirts. Once you have all the appropriate pieces, drag them into your paint program on to the png we made earlier and they should auto align on the document.

Then either save the document as a png or as a layered document if you wish to have all parts/cab sizes on one and use the layering to turn on/off each part as desired. You now have a paintable template.


Click here if the embedded video refuses to play.

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