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BT Mod Updates & Wychwood Brewery

My first batch of Blender Tools made mods have been updated.


A. Davies (new SCS cargo added)
American Sweets (new SCS cargo added)
AM Howie


Joining the combo party is my Wychwood Brewery themed skins, those of you on my FB group will already be familiar with these skins, I have finally decided to release the pack publicly.

Pack includes 6 standalone trailers, custom cargo for each, a Renault Premium Marston’s skin and AI combos.

This mod can also be downloaded from Steam Workshop.

As a reminder, these mods are made for 1.27 and will NOT work on 1.26 or older.


Next Batch of Updates

The next batch of updates have been released.

Arclid – now has a Volvo AI traffic combo.
Buckfast – Fixed AI driver position and updated model.
Essers – AI Driver position.
SBS Movers – Added AI combo to public release.
Wyvern Cargo -AI driver position
Yorkshire Tea – AI Driver position and switch to SCS model.
YPO – Added trailer and AI combo (moved to combos page)


The Big Malcolm Mod also hits version 4. This release was intended some time ago, but kept being put on hold. I have finally released version 4 with full AI combos. Tag lift Scania for walking floor trailer, midlift for all other trailers. Volvo pulls only the curtain and fridge and a MAN for the tanker.


More Updates

A new set of updates have been released for the tobj fix, and again some of them have new additions as well.

Updated mods:

Bantams skin
Bartrums – Now includes AI traffic combo.
Benton Bros
Brooks Bros – Now with AI combo also reworked SDC trailer for smaller size.
Buckfast – Now with AI combo.

Buckfast & AI vans Update

First up the Buckfast trailer/volvo have been merged, a Scania added and moved to the Combos page.

Also there was a minor error with the British Gas #2 skin, I’d forgotten to add a bit of text to the Keri-Anne side. I’ve updated the mod for this, however there are no other changes to speak of. So it’s really just an optional fix.


Updates Completed & Buckfast

All trailer mods that I need to update have been updated. Please note the Buckfast trailer had an issue.

For those wondering, the Marshalls & UKPSG trailers will show at the top of the Trailer Browser due to the folder name having capital letters.

Here’s a full recap:

The Monster Trailer has been removed. I was never really happy with it and have decided to remove it from the page.

The following mods have been updated for mod compatibility reasons (same updates the BSM & BMM went through.)

Updated: Feb 5th – 13:07 UTC

Children In Need 2014
Brooks Bros
Asda2 (with standalone version)

Updated: 14:48 UTC

Buckfast (bugged) 
Marshalls (with cargo)

Updated 16:00 UTC


Updated: 7th Feb – 09:05 UTC

UKpostal Group (bugged)

Updated: 7th Feb – 10:57 UTC

UKpostal Group

The original buckfast update had a spelling error in the chassis file which prevented it from spawning with cargo, even though it was still visible in the trailer browser which lead me to believe it was working. A fixed version was uploaded earlier.

The Bartrums pack has been moved to the combos page.

The UKPSG Mod had an error in the yodel AI trailer file. The error will cause the game to crash if the game attempts to load the yodel trailer in traffic. Updating to the latest versions is necessary.


The HSS Hire company now includes a previously unreleased skin for the middle cab sized Mercedes. Although it is technically a combo pack, because it is a company replacement for Sanbuilders, I have left it on the company/trailers page.


Widdowson – Skin Updates 2

Truck skins updated for Patch 1.10x (part 2):

DHL (includes fixed skin for new Merc template)
LA Green
DF MIller
Glasgow Rangers
Spiers & Hartwell
Arr Craib
Borje Johnsson

This completes the list of trucks that need updating, with exception to the Stobart skins.

Also added is a skin for Widdowson


Hochtief & Buckfast trailers

As of March 9th 2015 the Buckfast trailers were merged into a Combo Pack with the truck skin.

As mentioned earlier, these are stand alone buckfast trailers that will be available in several company yards. (see company mods page for details.)


Hochtief is a German construction company that replaces Sanbuilders. The company mod also includes this stand alone trailer that will be pulled to/from Sanbuilders, Posped and Stokes.