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Happy New Year

So to see in the new year I have updated several mods.

BSM: Let’s start with some good news; Ekualizer has finally come back to me in regards to the Scania 143m model and we are a go. So the BSM has had a minor update to include appropriate credits in the file. If you’re using 6.3 then consider this an optional update, there is NO new content.

Mercedes Actros AI: Next up we see some new Actros traffic; I had a poll on the FB group and the majority of people seemed interested in having SCS like stock MP4 trucks in the AI. So I have released a mod to enable the Gigaspace in traffic and it should pull all available trailers, including mod trailers that haven’t been linked to specific ai cabs. Mod can be found on the “Other Mods” page.

AW Jenkinson: Then we have an AI update for A.W. Jenkinson, ai trucks include the MP4, Volvo 2012, and Scania Highline. I’ve also updated the Volvo 2009 so that the skin (and optional lightbox) works for Ohaha’s new Volvo Classic mod.

Banks of England: BoE also sees an AI update and also sees the first Renault I have made for AI. 🙂

Knowles Transport: Another update for the AI, the Volvo 2012 has been dragged into service to pull the Knowles trailer.

AI Vans: And finally we have another update for the AI Vans. This update sees two UK skins U-Benders, and British Heart Foundation. The latter is a replacement for the fictional green/yellow Plumbers van.

Hungary also sees a new livery in Szabofrigocargo.hu

And finishing up with two Slovakian skins in lokapetit, and Goro30.






2 New Releases & Several Updates

Many updates today. I was originally planning on waiting for the beta update just in case anything needed to be fixed, however I decided to release them today.

The following skins were updated to make use of a template change to the Ohaha Volvo 2013 model. In most cases the changes relate to the painted sunvisor and/or the mirrors.

Stobart April skin, Arclid skin, AW Jenkinson skin, and the Grampian continental skin.

The Knowles combo mod was also updated to fix the broken icon in the upgrade shop.

Both the Banks of England and Williams Jumbo trailers were updated to use the full model with lods.

The first new release is M.P. Burke Transport combo pack. Please be aware the truck skin is ONLY available for the Ohaha 2013 Volvo model at this time.

The second new release is an IJ’s Mod exclusive custom work made for http://www.americansweets.co.uk/



Updates Completed & Buckfast

All trailer mods that I need to update have been updated. Please note the Buckfast trailer had an issue.

For those wondering, the Marshalls & UKPSG trailers will show at the top of the Trailer Browser due to the folder name having capital letters.

Here’s a full recap:

The Monster Trailer has been removed. I was never really happy with it and have decided to remove it from the page.

The following mods have been updated for mod compatibility reasons (same updates the BSM & BMM went through.)

Updated: Feb 5th – 13:07 UTC

Children In Need 2014
Brooks Bros
Asda2 (with standalone version)

Updated: 14:48 UTC

Buckfast (bugged) 
Marshalls (with cargo)

Updated 16:00 UTC


Updated: 7th Feb – 09:05 UTC

UKpostal Group (bugged)

Updated: 7th Feb – 10:57 UTC

UKpostal Group

The original buckfast update had a spelling error in the chassis file which prevented it from spawning with cargo, even though it was still visible in the trailer browser which lead me to believe it was working. A fixed version was uploaded earlier.

The Bartrums pack has been moved to the combos page.

The UKPSG Mod had an error in the yodel AI trailer file. The error will cause the game to crash if the game attempts to load the yodel trailer in traffic. Updating to the latest versions is necessary.


The HSS Hire company now includes a previously unreleased skin for the middle cab sized Mercedes. Although it is technically a combo pack, because it is a company replacement for Sanbuilders, I have left it on the company/trailers page.


Stobart Biomass Poll

For some time I have been using a new walking floor model in my personal Stobart mod.

The model is a Bodex walking floor created by TZ Express. I am still debating which version to use in the BSM.

Here are the pros/cons.

The current biomass trailers use the SCS Cool-liner model.



I really like the look of the trailer.
It’s easier to paint and keep up to date.
Everything works as it should because it is a default model.

It has a fridge on the front.
You can only paint one side and the other is mirrored.
The new model I am playing with is the TZ Express – Bodex trailer.


It’s possible to paint both sides independently.
It has stairs rather than a fridge unit.

Parts of the UVMap are put together badly. The white bars on the left hand side (lower pic) are coloured by parts of the trailer on the back doors. Making accurate skinning impossible.
The real Stobart Walking Floors are not Bodex.
The real Stobart WFs do not have those side opening doors.
The model does not have a proper lod so the wheels disappear from parked AI trailers.
Personally I am leaning towards keeping the original trailers because they are simply easier to work with and have less cons, although they have fridge at the front, it’s not something you really notice while playing.

Children In Need 2014 – Trailer Released

Thanks to all who donated to get their name on this trailer.

All donations will be forwarded to CiN Charity on Friday afternoon.

The trailer is now available to download for all.

But just a reminder, this trailer is only compatible with game update 1.14 and will not work on older versions due to the changes in how the game handles cargo.