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Knowles Transport Crash Update

I’ve just released an update for the Knowles mod.

I hadn’t realised that the wheels were also being used for the trailer, which would cause a crash when picking up/passing the trailer in game.

If you’re still using the compatibility patch you wouldn’t have had issues, but for those of who you updated your wheels and removed the patch you would suffer crashes when you see the trailer.

It’s suggested you update the knowles mod immediately.

Scania V4 update

I have once again updated Maghetto’s V4 mod.

While I haven’t noticed before (if I did I forgot) the original mod made bright stripes appear on the top have of the grill as pictured here:


I’ve discovered that this was due to the location of the grill on UVMap1 – the color.dds file has these lines and it was causing them to appear on all skins (SCS and mods.)

I removed these lines and made the area single coloured and this has solved the problem.


The updated version can be downloaded from the ‘other mods’ page.

Shipley Fix & MaCritchie Highland Distribution

Another Shipley fix has been released. Before the release originally went public I fixed a spelling error that would cause a crash. Somewhere along the way the old file somehow made it back into the mod (or I fixed only the user trailer file and forgot to fix the AI file) this has been fixed.

A new combo pack has also been released: Macritchie Highland Distribution

The pack contains a Volvo (Ohaha tweaks mod required for the front grill and lightbox,) and an SDC trailer.



M & J Haulage + Updates

First up there has been a few skin updates to fix issues.

The Stobart & PC Hamilton Scania T skins have been updated to shrink the dds file. Due to the size of the file (over 20mb) it may cause slow downs on less powerful systems when the skin tries to load. This also means a significant reduction in space for the mod as well.

The classic Stobart skin on the classic Volvo has also been updated as I had forgotten to colour the wind kit on the front corners. Since I was making it for Ohaha’s tweak mod, I neglected to colour them as the real thing doesn’t have those bits of aero. This is now fixed so people without Ohaha’s mod can have them appear in the green rather than looking out of place in white.

A M & J Haulage skin has been added for the classic Volvo.


Urgent BSM Update


I’ve had to update the BSM due to an error with one of the trailers that causes a game crash.

The crash is caused by me forgetting to update the lod file for the new (white) Tesco trailer.

If the game attempts to load the AI trailer, it will first load the lod file which was missing, causing the game to crash. If you previously updated to 1.0.4 please make sure you update to ASAP.

Unfortunately it is not always possible for me to spot these errors before release as loading player trailers or looking in the truck browser won’t cause the problem, it’s only when the it loads for AI traffic, which is why this wasn’t caught earlier. I apologise for any inconvenience.


If you’re using version 1.0.3 or older this issue will not affect you.

Scania V4 update & APC Overnight Skin

I mentioned previously (in March) that I had updated the Scania v4 front grill mod to be compatible with game versions 1.4 new PMD style. What I forgot to do is change some of the links on the truck skin pages, so some of you may have downloaded the original version by mistake.

The old version will stop working with version 1.11 of ETS2, I have now gone through all the pages to make sure the old link has been removed. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

If you need the updated version (which does work on V1.11) you can find it on the “other mods” page.


I’m also releasing an APC Overnight skin for DAF. It can be found on the truck skin pages.


Important Fix & BSM Update

First of all, if you are using any of my truck skins for the new (2012) Volvo’s, please update them as soon as possible.

Yesterday (Sunday) I found a large error in the def file of the Volvo’s, as of 12:40pm (UTC) all Volvo’s were fixed and updated. Even though the skins appear to work with the error, it is important to update them so that no issues occur later on. This issue CAN cause problems with skins on other trucks if you do not update.



And finally, since the poll was completely one-sided in favour of the new Biomass skin, I have closed the poll and updated the mod to version 0.3.2.

The only change is the new skin.