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New Stobart Skin & Incoming Updates

So I’ve spent the last three hours making a spreadsheet of all my mods and which versions they are compatible with.

Turns out about 57 mods are not fully compatible with game version 1.17.1 & DLC. These mods are all company/Trailer mods.

The good news is they will continue to function without issue. But you may notice some graphical issues with invisible wheels.

I can’t promise I will be able to fix this in all cases as most of the trailers are trailer mods and the lazy modder that released them didn’t finish them off first (missing lod models with wheels).

We also have a new Stobart skin by request. Hilary Louise H121 the truck is available in the truck pack.


Update 1.14 – Mod Incompatibilities

The new update changes a lot of things, as a result a lot of mods are going to need updating.

Because of these changes the updated versions will NOT work with old versions of the game. This means once I update, you will either have to stay on the older version of the mods or update your game. As I have always said, I see no valid reason not to update the game if you have a legitimate copy, so I will not support older versions (too time consuming really.)

Also because of this, I will not be updating the mods on the page until the day 1.14 becomes officially released for all. This is partly so that anyone not on beta can still download my mods for 1.13 and enjoy them now.

Here is a list of my mods that will require updating once 1.14 is public:


ALL Private Custom Company Mods
Big Stobart Mod
Big Malcolm Mod
Allport Cargo Services solo/Standalone
Bartrums Trailer
Buckfast Trailers
Elite Dreams Solo/Standalone
JLR Trailer
Laysoft Trailer
Monster Trailer
Red Bull Trailer
RR Transport Trailer
Marshalls (With Cargo version)
ASDA 2 (cargo version)
B&Q trailer
Hochtied trailer
HSS Trailer
Royal Mail Advanced Version
UK Postal Services Mod
Money and XP Cheat mod

Promods Incompatibility + Update

First of all I have updated the Hochtief (Sanbuilder) mod. The trailer was incorrectly made originally and had the wheel indexes incorrectly name. While this shouldn’t cause a noticeable problem in game, it will solve the error message from the console. During this update I also made the trailer a Krone Profiliner. It was always intended to be one, but I had accidentally made it a Cool-Liner without realising.


Also please note: My Asda/Tesco supermarket skin that replace Kaarfor and Sellplan will NOT work with Promods. Promods have decided that we no longer want these companies in game and have replaced the prefabs with ones that can’t be edited.

Version 1.9 Beta Released

SCS have now released the open beta version 1.9.1s patch on steam.

This patch is the big AI patch we have all been waiting for. If you wish to read more about it you can do so on SCS official blog post: Open Beta Blog

For those of you using steam and want access to the beta version, open your library, right click on properties > Betas (tab) and select Public_beta from the drop down menu.

I will be checking my mods to make sure all are compatible/up to date. For those using my company/trailer skins and truck skins they should be completely functional and unaffected.

Mods that ARE incompatible:

Any physics mods
Any map mods
Engine/Power/Trans Mods


My Mods that have been updated:

All Stand Alone Trailers.
Engine Mod
Big Stobart Mod

In the case of my mods, you will be able to run these without an noticeable problem. However you will see “<ERROR> The last rear axle has to have index 0.” appear in the console log if you check it. I will endeavour to fix this issue as soon as possible. But as stated you can continue using them as is without issue in the meantime.