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Several Updates

First things first, the majority of mods have now been moved to Google Drive storage. Only the trucks have yet to be moved.

All mods that had custom wheels (with the exception of the Stobart truck pack) have been updated to be compatible with game version 1.17x and above. You can see a full list at the bottom of the post as well as a link to the compatibility patch. Please read the warning before use to avoid game crashes.

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M. Way & Son skin update

Well I decided to give Ohaha’s Volvo Tweak mod a go for the sake of the custom light box. I have to say I think he’s done some great work, as such I will be updating all my Volvo 2009 skins to be fully compatible with his mod, including giving them light box options.

M. Way & Son was my test truck and I think it’s come out beautifully.

The original mod has now been updated to the updated skin, the lightbox (only available with Ohaha’s mod installed) and custom wheels are also included in the file.

If you aren’t familiar with Ohaha’s mod, check out his post on the scs forum here:¬†Ohaha’s Volvo 2009 Tweaks.