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P & C Hamilton Updates

First up the PC Hamilton company mod and DAF truck skin have been updated.

The trailer has been updated so that the correct fonts are now used.

The DAF has been updated to give a subtle metallic look on the darker blue areas, the fonts have also been updated.

Two Scania skins have also been made and are included in the mod with the DAF.

The dark blue base colour for the DAF/Scania has been left open so you can play with how dark the blue is to suit your preference.


Skin Updates – Patch 1.10x

So I have updated the first batch of skins to be compatible with patch 1.10 – Updates are:

Harry Lawson
Mark Thompson
David Murray
P&C Hamilton
Mason Bros
William D Lister

More coming tomorrow.

I have a plan for the Stobart trucks, so I will be updating those once the others are out of the way.