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Scania Intake Mod updated

So I have finally updated the new Scania Intake mod. As some of you may have noticed, it was a bit of a rush job to get it out for people who updated from 1.23x to 1.24x so some of the grills were not aligned properly.

All grills are now aligned correctly. The lights have changed from the low quality flat leds used on sunshields, to one of the accessory lights giving it a much better (and 3d) look. I have also included a fourth variant of the grill that has custom light nodes allowing you to add your own lights, where ever you want them.

The mod as standard includes the SCS smalllights, but if you have light packs and know how to edit them to add the suitable_for[]: “f_intake_cab” line you can add more of your own.


Scania R Front Grill Mod

Due to the changes to the Scania models in game version 1.23 I decided to remake the Scania front grill mod. The new mod is 100% my own work using only edited SCS parts.

The new mod now has THREE variations, the no lights version, with lights ‘V’ shape, and Stobart 3 lights. Please remember these mods replace the same parts, so you can only have¬†one active at any given time.

Mod can be found on the ‘Other Mods’ page.