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Preview and Combo Updates

First up the BANKS of England, Horseshoe/Laysoft, and RR Transport trucks/trailers have been moved to the Combo Skins page as mentioned earlier.

For those of you paying attention you may have noticed I mentioned there being two versions of ex-Stobarts. The first version will be as expected white trucks with the lower red part & chevrons and will be called “clean”.

The second version of the pack will be called dirty and the trucks will look like this:



If you look carefully the areas where there were logos/truck name you can still make out the designs, giving it the appearance that the decals have been pealed off and the truck has not been resprayed to hide the colour difference between the old white and paint kept fresh under the decals.

I know it’s a very minor thing, but what they hell. If I’m going to make ex-Stobarts I’m gonna do it right. The clean and dirty packs will be compatible with each other for those who want to try both.

RR Transport, Laysoft, & Stobart Trucks Page Update

Two new (standalone) trailers to go with existing DAF skins have been added to the company/trailers page.

First up is a Lay-Soft trailer to go with the Horseshoe DAF.



We also have RR Transport & Storage to go with the DAF released a few days ago.




I have also rearranged the Stobart Trucks Page so that the skins are now ordered by truck brand, then by name. The name will either be the girls name, or special brand (Oakfield, M-Sport etc.)

Hopefully this will make it easier for people to find a specific truck skin if they aren’t interested in the truck skin pack.