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Scania V4 update

I have once again updated Maghetto’s V4 mod.

While I haven’t noticed before (if I did I forgot) the original mod made bright stripes appear on the top have of the grill as pictured here:


I’ve discovered that this was due to the location of the grill on UVMap1 – the color.dds file has these lines and it was causing them to appear on all skins (SCS and mods.)

I removed these lines and made the area single coloured and this has solved the problem.


The updated version can be downloaded from the ‘other mods’ page.

Scania V4 update & APC Overnight Skin

I mentioned previously (in March) that I had updated the Scania v4 front grill mod to be compatible with game versions 1.4 new PMD style. What I forgot to do is change some of the links on the truck skin pages, so some of you may have downloaded the original version by mistake.

The old version will stop working with version 1.11 of ETS2, I have now gone through all the pages to make sure the old link has been removed. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

If you need the updated version (which does work on V1.11) you can find it on the “other mods” page.


I’m also releasing an APC Overnight skin for DAF. It can be found on the truck skin pages.