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Stobart Wheels & Site Updates

Some of you may or may not be aware, but I am currently in the process of changing my links from dropbox to google drive. The reason for this is my 23bg of Dropbox will be disappearing shortly, I didn’t realise at the time that it was a promotional thing and Dropbox have decided to cancel it.

As a result I am moving all content over to Google Drive. Currently all content on the “Other mods” page has been moved, the rest will be moved presently. There is good news along side this. I’ll also be ditching the adf.ly links that were on some of the more downloaded mod. The amount you get per click is simply not worth the hassle, particularly since I am aware some people have issues with it.

The Stobart Wheels mod has been updated for beta 1.17 Рthey will no longer work for older version. Please be aware this is ONLY the stand alone mod. Warning: Make sure to sell old wheels BEFORE you update the mod. If you update the mod without removing the old wheels you will crash the game when attempting to buy new wheels. 

The version included in the Stobart Truck pack will not be updated until version 1.17 is in the public release phase.

If you are using the 1.17 beta. you can use this mod along side the truck pack until the truck pack is updated. All the files are different so there won’t be a conflict. Just remember to remove it once I update the truck pack.