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Iveco Template Update.

I’m not sure when this happened as Iveco aren’t something I deal with often, but somewhere along the line they tweaked the UVMap. The change is one of the most annoying changes they have ever made from a skinners perspective.

The highlighted area on the spoiler (pic 1) is what they have changed. They have essentially taken the two end pieces of the roof spoiler and merged them into one. (pic 2)

The annoying part of this means if you are making a skin that has a different colour on the left and right of the truck (as I was) these pieces can no longer be coloured on their own. Meaning I cannot complete the skin and either have to redesign the skin or do it on another truck. Since the IVECO don’t get much love, that’s a quite disappointing prospect.

Anyway I have added the updated Iveco CAB A template in the templates pack.

You can also download the individual template here: Iveco Template for the time being. The individual link will be removed in a few day.




Pic 2



Daf Euro 6 Template Update

Once again SCS have updated the UVmap for the DAF in the latest beta update.

As a result I have updated my templates.

The templates can always be found in the template pack on the “Other Mods” page.

You will notice a slight difference with this template, parts of the frame are different colours, the reason for this is to show where different parts over lap, such as on the front of the cab. I have chosen to do it this way so that it is easier to discern where parts meet for skinning different colours.


Template Update.

For those who haven’t seen what patch 1.9x has to offer, there Scania Streamline Highline has been updated to include the correct wind kit with the high rear spoiler.



This is available to download with the rest of the templates via the “Tools & Extras” page.

As an example of what the Scania S Highline looks like here’s it on a (W.I.P) Malcolm skin.


Update – 25th – Scania Template

Thanks to a little help from Ohaha on the SCS forum, I have learnt how to make my own templates.

As a result I have done away with the original Scania V4 mod template by maghetto and made my own. Any one familiar with his original template will understand the issues with it, mainly the overly thick black lines which made accuracy to place delicate/accurate paintwork on the front grill very difficult.

I have now created my own template for the front grill and added it to original Scania templates by szeryff123. The new template should be much easier to work with and I hope it will be useful for you. The Scania template folder now has two folders: Original and IJs ScanV4 — The original folder is szeryff123’s template for the original model and the latter is of course my version for the v4 mod.

These templates and the templates for the new Volvo FH are all included in the template archive found on the Truck Skinning tutorial page.