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Michelin, Renault Grill, Arjan Eriks

The Renault Magnum painted grill mod has been updated to fix the 4×2 chassis issue preventing it from going under some trailers. Please be aware the scs file has changed names, so do remember to remove the old mod when updating.

I have released a Michelin trailers packs, the mod contains 3 skins. One for the SCS Krone Profiliner, one for the Schwarzmuller DLC Curtain trailer, and a standalone Jumbo trailer. DLC is NOT required for the mod to work.

There are no truck skins as the mod is meant as a complimentary Michelin DLC pack, though this may change in the future.

Arjan Eriks combo has also been released.



New Stobart Skin & Incoming Updates

So I’ve spent the last three hours making a spreadsheet of all my mods and which versions they are compatible with.

Turns out about 57 mods are not fully compatible with game version 1.17.1 & DLC. These mods are all company/Trailer mods.

The good news is they will continue to function without issue. But you may notice some graphical issues with invisible wheels.

I can’t promise I will be able to fix this in all cases as most of the trailers are trailer mods and the lazy modder that released them didn’t finish them off first (missing lod models with wheels).

We also have a new Stobart skin by request. Hilary Louise H121 the truck is available in the truck pack.


No More Xmas Gifts

UPDATE: SCS Have now released the beta of 1.16x this beta removes the xmas cargo. Since not everyone uses the betas I will leave the mod up until 1.16 becomes public. 

Please remember to remove the mod when you update to 1.16x.

With Christmas long over and the Xmas Event finished, I’ve seen many people complain about the trailers still being present in game.

The No More Xmas mod (bottom of the other mods page) sets the probability coef to zero stopping the cargo from spawning.

Any current jobs will remain in the job list until the offer expires, but no new gift jobs should spawn.

Once SCS release the next game update (which I believe will be for the DLC compatibility) they will likely remove the trailers or lower the prob coef. In the mean time this mod will do it for you. I have left it completely unlocked so you can alter the coef for yourself to suit your needs.