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AI Vans new skin

First off the City Link replacement skin has been updated; all the vans I see out and about keep the “Express Delivery” text as a result I have added that back to the replacement skin.

Previously there was a dirty white van skin for the UK which was essentially a white van with a dirt look and hand written funny text. However it was so subtle, it just would never be seen unless you were really looking for it. As a result I have replaced this skin with an A. Davies Fleet Support skin.


Painted AI Vans

UPDATE 15:15 UTC:  Updated to disable them in countries outside of the UK. 

These skin will only spawn within the UK. This is intentional as they are mostly UK companies. If any one wants a version for other countries in the game, simply send me an email with the country, and companies (with images) and I will look to add them in the future.

Skins include, Parcel Force, UPS, DHL, Hermes, TNT, Stobart Rail, Stobart Fleet Maintenance, Yodel, APC, DPD, Royal Mail, UKMail, City Link, A.W. Jenkinson Fleet Maintenance, A.W. Jenkinson, Arriva, Virgin Media (3 variants), Sky (2 Variants), Fed-Ex, and ScotRail. There may also be a dirty white van with things written on it lurking out there some where.

Please note: The painted transit model comes from the Jazzycat pack. This mod is compatible with his.

The download link can be found on the ‘AI Vans’ page.