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1.44 updates & Woodside Release

So for those not paying attention all of my ATS mods have been updated to make use of the new shop icon part_type UI has have the majority of my ETS2 workshop mods.

Because this feature (at least right now) is considered optional and doesn’t require an update for the mod to function, I am not pushing out updates like I normally would.

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New Things and Updates

First off lets start with the updates. As you know, SCS released the DAF Tuning DLC today, and some of my skins that were previously made fro 50keda’s DAF 105 and Ohaha’s E6 have been retro fitted to work with the new DLC instead. This does mean those skins no longer work with those old mods.

A few weeks ago I updated many mods just prior to Open Beta launching, some of those updates already included updated skins. So the ones not listed below should already be updated.

Updated Templates:

The template packs have been updated for the new DAF DLC parts. For those of you how don’t wish to download the whole pack you can temporarily get the two DAF packs here.


DAF DLC Updates: 

TFL (Formally 50keda only)
Benton Bros (now also includes AI)
GJ Jack
Jack Richards
Malcolm Truck Skins
Marshall Trailers
Mason Bros
AD Ruiter
Stobart Truck Skins.

Other Updates: 

Grampian – Hell if I can remember. But what ever I did, I updated it.
McIntyre – Fixed forgotten skin fix after model update.
Scania Intake Mod – Fixed chassis model error.

Bacton Transport also got a DAF DLC update, along side a new trailer and AI combo


Yes there are new things. Those of you who are on my FB group will already know about these new mods, and probably wondered why two of them never appeared here. Well now you know, the skins were made for the DAF DLC.

Bernard Giraud
R.A.J Transport
Etoile Routiere

1.28 Open Beta Updates

So with open beta comes more changes, mostly COG changes for trailers to match the ATS changes that came with the Heavy Cargo DLC.

While the mods will function just fine (with warnings in the log) I have decided to update the “offline” mods today. Be aware that all the trailer/combo mods are updated for 1.28 Open Beta and will not work on older game versions.

There are 88 mods that will be updated so I am not going to list them all here. But all mods found on the combo page and company/Trailer pages should be updated including both the Big Malcolm Mod and Big Stobart Mod.

The fuel tanker pack also gained a new trailer as part of its update.



The BSM update also includes an SDC curtain for Explore and a TYCO trailer and AI combo.


For those from my FB Group wondering where the NEW things are, I will release those after 1.28ETS goes public.


More Updates

First of all, ATL has been updated to version 3. The mod now includes a trailer/cargo and combo AI traffic. The mod has been moved from Truck skins to Combos page. The change also means that the mod is now 1.24 game version and above only.

The Marshalls combo has been updated to fix the AI beacon.

The Big Stobart Mod also gets a major version change to Version 8. Updates include full 1.24 compatibility, ai driver node update, and the removal of the Stobart Transporters.


Stobart Wheels & Site Updates

Some of you may or may not be aware, but I am currently in the process of changing my links from dropbox to google drive. The reason for this is my 23bg of Dropbox will be disappearing shortly, I didn’t realise at the time that it was a promotional thing and Dropbox have decided to cancel it.

As a result I am moving all content over to Google Drive. Currently all content on the “Other mods” page has been moved, the rest will be moved presently. There is good news along side this. I’ll also be ditching the adf.ly links that were on some of the more downloaded mod. The amount you get per click is simply not worth the hassle, particularly since I am aware some people have issues with it.

The Stobart Wheels mod has been updated for beta 1.17 – they will no longer work for older version. Please be aware this is ONLY the stand alone mod. Warning: Make sure to sell old wheels BEFORE you update the mod. If you update the mod without removing the old wheels you will crash the game when attempting to buy new wheels. 

The version included in the Stobart Truck pack will not be updated until version 1.17 is in the public release phase.

If you are using the 1.17 beta. you can use this mod along side the truck pack until the truck pack is updated. All the files are different so there won’t be a conflict. Just remember to remove it once I update the truck pack.



Updates Completed & Buckfast

All trailer mods that I need to update have been updated. Please note the Buckfast trailer had an issue.

For those wondering, the Marshalls & UKPSG trailers will show at the top of the Trailer Browser due to the folder name having capital letters.

Here’s a full recap:

The Monster Trailer has been removed. I was never really happy with it and have decided to remove it from the page.

The following mods have been updated for mod compatibility reasons (same updates the BSM & BMM went through.)

Updated: Feb 5th – 13:07 UTC

Children In Need 2014
Brooks Bros
Asda2 (with standalone version)

Updated: 14:48 UTC

Buckfast (bugged) 
Marshalls (with cargo)

Updated 16:00 UTC


Updated: 7th Feb – 09:05 UTC

UKpostal Group (bugged)

Updated: 7th Feb – 10:57 UTC

UKpostal Group

The original buckfast update had a spelling error in the chassis file which prevented it from spawning with cargo, even though it was still visible in the trailer browser which lead me to believe it was working. A fixed version was uploaded earlier.

The Bartrums pack has been moved to the combos page.

The UKPSG Mod had an error in the yodel AI trailer file. The error will cause the game to crash if the game attempts to load the yodel trailer in traffic. Updating to the latest versions is necessary.


The HSS Hire company now includes a previously unreleased skin for the middle cab sized Mercedes. Although it is technically a combo pack, because it is a company replacement for Sanbuilders, I have left it on the company/trailers page.


Stobart Skin & Pack Update

I have now completed my Stobart skins update, there are a few new skins as well.

The good new for those that like to keep a tidy mod folder is that I have also included a truck pack. It includes every single truck on the Stobart Truck Skin page in one mod. The individual files are also still available for those that prefer to pick and chose. The truck pack can be found at the bottom of the page.

Please make sure you remove all my previous Stobart truck mods from your mod folder before you use the truck pack. Some/all skins may need to be repurchased in game.

Mackenzie Holly – Merc – Skin update.


Daf skin update – renamed Mollie Ann H023


Custom Hi-way – skin update renamed Siobhan Niamh



Stobart Autologics



New Skin – Stobart Tesco – T1358



New Skin – Stobart Pirelli


New Skins Stobart M-Sport – Grey/Silver and Blue versions.


msport2  msport1

New skin – Stobart Allports – Anneliese Fleur H5806


New Skin – Iveco (biggest) Sophie – H2971



New Skin – By Request Alexandria 21.


1.10x Patch issues

So patch 1.10 is out, and with it come some unnecessary and frankly annoying changes from SCS.

For reasons known only to themselves, SCS have decided to remove the mirrors and door handle from the base_colour part of the sii file and move it to a microscopic point on the DDS file.

While the fix is easy (if time consuming), this means many paint-jobs will now show mirrors/door handles that are the wrong colour. In most cases they will probably be white.

What this does mean is I have to fix 50+ paint jobs (as will many other skinners I imagine)

I will update as I can and post blog updates in groups as I can.


Other changes include the Scania R template and Merc/Majestic Template. The Scania R template has the door handle on one side of the cab, I have added this in red to make it visible on the templates. This affects all cab sizes of the R model. The Merc (largest) also has a few minor updates so I have updated those. The templates have already been updated and available to download now.