The Big Malcolm Mod

The Big Malcolm Mod


There are a selection of Malcolm cabs on the “Truck Skins” page.

This Malcolm mod will work in the same way as the Big Stobart Mod. Each trailer will be standalone and deliver for Lkwlog (which will be renamed Malcolm Group.)

Download Link: Steam Workshop

Curtain-Sider (SDC like)


Walking Floor




Construction Livery Tipper


AI Traffic Preview

19 thoughts on “The Big Malcolm Mod”

  1. This is great, i’m playing with your BSM on the TSM map, your BMM i will use when promods 1.7 is released (starting town Antwerp wich will be in 1.7)

  2. Many thanks for the Big Malcolm pack ive been looking for a quality, everything included type mod and now ive found it… ill certainly be bookmarking your page. Thanks for your great work.

  3. Loved your work…

    But can you please realese the malcolm scania?

    And by request make an a construction scania?(by malcolm ofc)

  4. Hi. I have a question about a issue when I using v2.5 +RusMap v1.5.2 on ETS2 v1.20 (sorry if is outdated. I’m using yours warehouses in SKM profile and is not updated when I’ve got/realized a issue).

    I tested again using Vanilla +RusMap. Is there some special reason to do not exists logo and neigher advisor when I using Rusmap? I do not see Malcom in Saint Petersburg. I didn’t have any issue in game.log.txt.

    TY any help

  5. Hi Don’t know if you’re aware but since latest ETS2 update either the Big Malcolm or Big Stobart mod Crashes the game it may be something to do with heavy haulage pack. A warning saying can’t locate large tubes comes up. I’ll try loading them one @ a time later & message you back.

  6. how do you get it in the game because whenever I download it and then put it in mods folder it doesn’t work.

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