BMM Change Log

Version 9.0
February 8th 2020


Merged Malcolm Truck Skins into BMM.
Updated Freight Market/AI Trailers.
Added Custom Trailer OT skins for all box trailer skins.

Version 8.5.3
October 24th 2019


Tweaked tipper trailer.
Removed support for game version 1.34.


Version 8.5.1 & 8.5.2
August 10th 2019


Tweaks for Custom Trailer Mod updates.

Version 8.5
July 6th 2019


Tweaks for new Custom Owned Trailer parts.
Added new SDC (COT mod) Skin.

Version 8.3
May 5th 2019


Updated for game version 1.35

Version 8.2

March 17th 2019


Added support for new parts of Custom Owned Trailer.
Changed allow parked settings.

Version 8.1
February 24th 2019


Added full set of curtain trailer skins for my Owned Trailer mod.
Updated freight market and AI trailers to use the updated “SDC like” sideskirts.

Version 8.0
February 17th 2019


Added walking floor and Curtain owned trailer skin for my Custom Owned Trailer mod.

Version 7.9
February 11th 2019


English localisation for trailer browser (removes tn_*)

Version 7.8
November 18th 2018


Bug Fix for AI trailer LOD crash.

Version 7.7
November 17th 2018


Fixes for trailers made in OB.
Added AI trailer cables.

Version 7.5
August 23rd 2018


Updated for 1.32 new cargo system.
Replaced TZ Rommi Walking floor with new SCS walking floor model.
Replaced old SCS trailer models with new SCS models edited to look like SDC.
Made Workshop only.

Version 7.0
April 29th 2018


Remade all AI trucks with Blender Tools.
Updated all trailers to new share system (improves performance on low end system for people who use multiple different mod packs from myself.)
Added cables to all trailers.

Older Versions Change Logs

If you wish to see older version change logs you can read them on this text file.

One thought on “BMM Change Log”

  1. Excellent work on your Malcolm paints. I have a request, Would there be a chance you can do a repaint of the Malcolm construction dump trailer. I have a link to the picture . And to let you know I have a VTC called Malcolm VTC group. Would there be a chance you can do a repaint for our company with VTC group added to the cabs of the VOLVO F16. Thanks very much for the repaints and can you please Email me with a response at

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