BSM Change Log

Version 15.20
July 6th 2019


Tweaks for Custom Owned Trailer mod updates.
Added OT SDC (COT mod) trailer skin.
Added OT SCS curtain trailer skin.
Removed Custom Mudflap.

Version 15.3
May 10th 2019


Fixed Co-Op trailer wheels.


Version 15.2
May 6th 2019


Fixed Tesco trailer spelling error.
Fixed MAN E6 AI LOD wheels (accidentally set on UK variant).
Fixed LODs on some trailers.
Updated for 1.35.

Version 15
March 17th 2019


Replaced Maddie & Charity Reefer mod trailers with SCS box.
Fixed paint job for custom owned trailer.
Added WS custom owned trailer skin.
Added Explore custom owned trailer skin.
Changed old SDC side skirts for freight market and AI to the new ones.
Added MAN E6 to AI.
Updated Owned trailer skins for new parts.
Added reefer skin.

Version 14.5
February 17th 2019


Bug fix for Walkers Trailer (missing lod wheels)
Tweaked skins for my Custom Trailer mod.
Added owned Biomass skin for Custom Trailer mod.

Version 14.4
January 2nd 2019


Bug fix for Allports Trailer Flare.
Added Tesco & Biomass Owned Trailer.

Version 14.2
November 29th 2018


Bug fixes for trailer wheels made during OB.
Added AI trailer cables.
Added Walkers trailer and AI.
Added owned trailer skin (standard green only)
Added Stobart Mudflap.

Version 14.1
September 9th 2018


Updated ai trailer wheels to new SCS ones.
Fixed shadow on 2-axle classic trailer.

Version 14
August 27th 2018


New Cargo System.
Moved to Steam Only.
Replaced TZ Rommi Walking Floor with new SCS Moving Floor model.
Replaced old SCS fake Krone trailers with the new SCS trailers.
Replaced Smith Engineering SDC with edited new SCS trailer model.
Replaced Tesco Aero Mod trailer with new SCS Aero trailer.
Replaced Tesco aero and standard with “ATS rollup doors”.
Removal of support for game versions 1.31 (sorry this wasn’t intentional).

Version 13.2
June 26th 2018


Minor bux fixes.

Version 13
May 7th 2018


Updated for 1.31 cables.
General model improvements to some trailers.

Older Versions Change Log

If you wish to see older change logs, you can download the text file here.

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