Stobart Truck Skins

Stobart Truck Replica Skin Pack

The Stobart Truck skins pack contains replica name/fleet number skins of various Stobart trucks. This mod contains only real replicas, no custom names or custom trucks.

At the bottom of the page you can also find a standalone skin for RJL’s T Cab.

The Official Stobart Replica Skin Pack – This pack contains only REAL names/fleet numbers of trucks in the ESL livery, new Energy (formally biomass division) livery, and various other Stobart related liveries.

Official Stobart Replica Skin Pack
Download Link: Steam Workshop

Official Stobart Replica Skin Previews


Sophie Jessica

Stobart DAF Sophie Jessica – H114



Rachel Kertesz

Stobart Tyco BMW – Rachel Kertesz – H3400




Sophie – H2971



Alexandria 21

Alexandria 21 – H6139

After multiple requests.


Mollie Ann

Mollie Ann – H023


MAN TGX Euro 6

Lady Judith Hurst

Lady Judith Hurst – H6666

Sunshield and front bumper with 3 lights included.


Emily Paige

Emily Paige – H8600



Mackenzie Holly

Merc (Megaspace only)

Mackenzie Holly – H2733


Mercedes 2014

Autumn Adelaide

Merc MP4 Gigaspace

Autumn Adelaide – H2745


Connie Anya Sienna

Merc MP4 Gigaspace

Connie Anya Sienna – H3340



Merc Actros Gigaspace
Pirelli – H3384


Renault Magnum

Rebecca Emily

Rebecca Emily – H160


Scania R

Please Note: For the front grill of the Scania to show painted you will need to download the Scania Painted Intake mod which can be found on the other mods page.

Ashleigh Paige

Scania R normal cab

Ashleigh Paige (H6643) – By Request


Hilary Louise

Scania R 2009 Topline

By request: Hilary Louise H121


Blake Eillie (Drawbar)

Scania Topline R skin – Blake Ellie M468

This is just a skin for those people who use a Stobart tandem/drawbar mod and want a proper M fleet number for it.


Lily Jean

Stobart Scania (normal/smallest cab)

Lily Jean (RV233)


Scania R Streamline

Alison Victoria

Scania Streamline Highline

Alison Victoria (H8276)

Although Alison Victoria is technically the older R model – it does have the wind kit, so I went with it on the streamline instead.


Amelia Niamh

Scania Streamline Highline

Amelia Niamh (H8100)

The driver training livery to go with the trailer in the BSM.


Debbie Elizabeth

Scania Highline Streamline

Debbie Elizabeth H8343



Stobart Scania Streamline

Kelly (ESE14003)



Scania Streamline Topline Skin.

Titiana H030 – Energy Livery by request.


Scania R – 2016

Rainbow Valentina

Scania R highroof.

Rainbow Valentina (H2800)


Angela Grace

Scania R highroof.

Angela Grace – H8521


The Pallet Network

Scania R normal roof.


Severfield, Auto Trail, Pink Horse, and Tyco.


WS (Both S & R), WS in Scania 50th, and Explore

Please note: The R skin is a near direct copy of the S at the moment so it doesn’t fit perfectly.



Volvo 2009

Please Note: These skins are compatible with Ohaha’s Volvo Classic mods and include the lightbox.

Amber Stefani (Classic)

Amber Stefani – H3178


Kate Michelle

Kate Michelle – H4709


Phoebe Grace

Phoebe Grace – H4500


Tricia Kelly

Tricia Kelly – H4891


Volvo 2012


Volvo FH 2012

April – H4945



Fiona H8510

Replica of the new Energy Livery Volvo.

fiona stob

Joyce Mary

Joyce Mary – H4464


Lee James Rigby

Lee James Rigby – H4100


Phoebe Grace

Volvo FH

Phoebe Grace H4948


Other Stobart Skin Previews



DAF – Smallest only. Since Stobart now own Autologic a group of autologic skins are available. White, Light blue, dark blue, and orange.




MAN – Smallest only.

This is based on the new EU Stobart Automotive livery for the car transporters.




Merc – Stobart Tesco T1358


Mercedes 2014


Merc MP4 Gigaspace

Silver – H3300



Merc MP4 Gigaspace

White H3307


Scania R


Scania M-Sport – H0007 (Silver) & H0005 (blue)




Scania R Topline Oakfield


Pink Horse

Scania R Topline, Pink Horse (Elite Dream Bedding) truck.



Stobart Pirelli Scania


Richard Mille

Scania R Topline Custom – H1978 Shergar


Scania Streamline


Scania – Anneliese Fleur – H5806



Scania Streamline Highlight Oakfield Replica


Richard Mille

Stobart Scania Streamline Highline Replica – H5740 Gallega


WS Transportation

Scania Streamline Highline




Scania Streamline Highline



Custom Stobart Skin Previews


Classic Livery

DAF painted in the Old School Stobart Livery.


Kerry Jane – RJL Scania Torpedo-Cab

Please Note: This skin will no longer receive updates.

Kerry Jane – H777

Truck model by RJL, for questions and downloads relating to the truck model, please visit his thread on the SCS forums.

Please note: This skin is made to fit specific painted parts, so please set-up the cab using the “Correct parts” file in the rar. You may be able to use other parts, but could end up with anomalous painted areas if you deviate from the intended model/parts.

Download link: Google Drive


108 thoughts on “Stobart Truck Skins”

  1. hi would it be possible if you could do a Kate Michelle and/or a Alison Victoria skin please

  2. Love the Stobart skins on the Scania R Topline. Any chance you could make the rear wheel arches red to match the side skirts please? I know the real Stobart trucks have black rear wheel arches, but in real life, they are not painted.

  3. Awesome work!! If you do requests, could you do a new Volvo FH with “Kristen Mae” as the name? My daughter would get a kick out of it.

  4. Great skins and mods.
    Could you possibly do a skin of H5974 ‘Jennifer Angela’ for the Scania R440 please? It’s the truck with my wife’s name on it. It would be greatly appreciated. I run 1.13 if that makes a difference. Thank you

  5. would you be able to do the stobart truck with irlam name i typed into google pics Stobart irlam and it came up some scanias with it

  6. hi was wondering if you could do a stobart skin for the volvo in the name of Tamara Christine and the number 2608 please

  7. Hello, is it maybe possible to make a modern Stobart skin for the RJL-Scania T (the most popular T-Cab I think) but for the biggest cabine?

    1. As it says in the request guidelines I don’t take requests for mod trucks.

      The only reason the old skin exists is because I wanted one to go with the Crown Motors skin.

      1. For myself yes, but I have stated numerous times I will not take requests for non scs trucks. Simple as that. No matter how much you piss and moan it won’t change.

    1. Not at this time. The templates are similar, so converting may be quick, but there are some areas that would need redoing.

      I do plan to do April at some point, but for the time being they are not.

  8. Just want to say how amazing these skins are. Not just the stobart ones, but all of them! Keep up the great work! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. these skins are so good, and i have been looking for sobart ones for a good few weeks now and didnt find any good ones but this site suddenly popped up on google, thanks for making these for us all to use :), now ets2 just got better

  10. Can you do H030 – TATANIA Scania V4 please. if you haven’t seen this one it is a Scania Topline in the Biomass skin.

    1. I have plans to do a Silver Merc & White Merc (used for F1) and an ESL liveried one.

      However the update will change many things, so the first thing I will be doing is double checking all mods, making the templates to skin with and doing a few test skins.

      Still it’s a long way off, I don’t expect the Merc before June.

      1. It’s aight man. Take your time. Would like it if you could include a standard Stobarts Mercedes Actros MPIV skin. That’ll be nice, but like i said, take your time.

  11. could you please make this I you have time if you don’t worried
    H4896 PX12NXO Victoria Louise Volvo FM

    1. the Actros Skin of H3344 Wendy Helena has an Little error on the right side of the Truck, the Skin must a Little bit higher, the left side is perfect.

      Sorry for my bad English

  12. could you please do me the name PEARL FRANCES on a mercedes mp4 giga space same as H3340 or 3337 thanks terry

  13. Love RJL Only Stobart Skin pack! This is what I have always wanted! Well done for creating it and thank you, keep up the fantastic work

    1. I don’t take requests any more and I’ve never taken requests for mod trucks, except for special occasions.

      That said; if SCS ever release the MAN E6 truck I’d be happy to use Emma Caroline as one of the names then.

  14. Your skins are amazing. Could you make a skin for the 2012 Volvo FH Globetrotter XL with the name Emma Louise and H2810? Thanks in advance.

  15. Hi Can someone tell me how to get the white stobart wheels please i have the stobart truck pack and rjl pack aswell as the BSM all in mods folder and selected but the white wheels are appearing in 1.23 (beta)



  16. Are you able to do a stobar skin for 50K’s Scania R 2008 mod for 1.22.2 as i cant find one

    many thanks if you can

  17. Hey IJ, on 1.24 the custom and official packs are not showing up as paintjobs that can be applied, they just aren’t on the list lol. Hope you can sort it out. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. Hi, Yeah they are enabled. I also tried another mod for ST skins from STVTC and the trailers loaded fine but again, no visible skins for trucks. It was fine before the 1.24 update.

  19. Hey there, nice skins mate but how can i use the (stobart girl’s) name in front of the lorry for scania

    1. You’ll need the Scania Intake mod for the painted front grill. You can find it on the other mods page.

      I do plan to update them for the Scania DLC eventually, but I have a lot going on at the moment.

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