New Tutorial – ETS2 to ATS

So in the wake of ATS’s official release a lot of truck ports have been happening. Unfortunately a lot of them have many issues that will make them incompatible with other mods.

It seems a lot of these people just wanted to rush things out so they could say “first” which lets face it, is the dumbed thing you can do. Mod incompatibility can caused all sorts of profile issues including destroying it. So it is imperative you make truck ports 100% stand alone.

But I have seen many that continue to use files that link to ETS2 trucks instead of updating them to be unique.

The biggest error I have seen is people altering the truck dealer files instead of making their own. By editing the truck dealer file you can actually wipe out someone’s Kenworth or Peterbilt dealer entirely. Not to mention 0% compatibility with other truck mods that also replace the file instead of making their own.

So on that note, I have written a tutorial for porting. The intent of the tutorial is more to point out all the text files that need editing/making unique to make it 100% standalone, I have added notes about missing mat files and textures at the bottom, but if you are porting over a truck I would imagine you have so blender skills any way and will recognise these issues on your own.

The link can be found with the other tutorials under the modding & tutorials page.

Please be aware I haven’t had time to check this tutorial, it is possible I have missed something [insert irony here]. But I believe it is complete. If you do have issues not covered, give me a nudge and I will take a look.

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