Final Main Updates (give or take one)

So the main bulk of the mods are now updated through Blender Tools. As a reminder, the reason I have done these updates even though I previously made the mods 1.27 compatible is because BT allows full compatibility with OpenGL.

There are still more mods to update, but these are minor updates such ass the odd accessory in smaller packs. I am aware the Big Malcolm Mod hasn’t been updated yet, it’s a rather large mod and is taking a bit more time than I planned, hence why I decided to release the last batch with out it.

Final Mods Update:

PSG & PSG Defunct
Thompson Plant Hire
Trailer Training
TW Plummer
Whyte Crane Hire
Williams Transport
Wyvern Cargo
Yorkshire Tea (and remember to enable the other 3 AI skins.)

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